We would like to draw your attention to the nuances that objectively exist and affect the financial component of cooperation in the sphere of business travel:

  • The costs of business travel LLC CUSTOMER in 2013, $ 134 482 627 RUB
  • The service charges of them, INTOURAERO for air and railway tickets amounted to 2 059 734 RUB
  • the 2 059 734 RUB = 1,53%
  • What if today will be the provider that will not take Customer service charges, Cost-Saving will amount to 1,53%.

Thus, the greatest interest in the field of optimization of expenses is in this case the underwater part of the iceberg, which is 98,47%. The main ways of reducing costs is:

  • Observance of the travel policy
  • Conclusion 3-d contracts with suppliers
  • Administrative costs

Cost optimization

At that moment competition in the market of services for organizing business travels rather high. Many agencies to stand out in a competitive environment is to offer customers additional services and one of them is on optimization of expenses on business travels.

The company INTOURAERO not only declares about this service, but also offers solutions for the optimization of costs for its customers. Due to INTOURAERO company many other companies have been able to reduce costs on business travel more than 25-30 %.

INTOURAERO company identifies the following stage of work on optimization of expenses for business travels:

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • The offer on change
  • Implementation of changes      
  • Regular analysis of the consequences

Travel policy

Travel Policy is a key document regulating the relationship between employer and employee business travellers.

The necessity of introduction in the company of the document regulating the business travels of the employees, to convince anyone it is not necessary. This document has most of the major companies in which a business travel are a significant part of costs.

Properly designed travel policy significantly optimizes the corporate budget for the organization of business travels, saving working time customer of corporate services: travel coordinator, head of the administration, HR Manager.

Strict adherence to the travel policy gives undeniable advantages to the client when working with a provider of corporate services, providing the opportunity to significantly reduce financial and organizational costs, and often to protect themselves from unnecessary reputational risks.

You can trust most importantly to INTOURAERO company!

To create the document Travel Policy is a difficult process in which it is necessary to consider all the nuances, to know the specifics of both the client and trends of business travel.

The company INTOURAERO provide clients with advice in this complex issue, gives recommendations on improving the existing Travel Policy, and develops Travel Policy based on long experience.

The stages of development of the Travel Policy, INTOURAERO carries out on the basis of the customer's original data and on the basis of their internal reports, and then carries out a detailed analysis ordered by the client of services:

  • Identification of major air carriers          
  • Drawing up of the list of priority to customer airlines
  • To develop and adopt the most advantageous tariff policy when working with airlines and hotels.
  • Recommendations on application of tariffs of airlines by main groups of booking (policy weekend, the advantage when booking the full economic and business class, loyalty programs airlines)
  • Conclusion confidential and personalized bilateral and tripartite agreements with airlines and hotels
  • Priority rules and budgeting costs of employees of the customer at the time of booking of air tickets, hotels, transfers, VIP-halls and other related services
  • Approval of procedure of formation and order of service to the company - supplier of the service (order forms and confirmations)
  • Personal Manager is assigned (key account manager) of the company when working with a customer.
  • Fixing the format of granting of accounting documents